Revolutionary Windforce
Holtkamper trailer tents, can now be erected and packed away, by air pressure. This new “Wind®Force System” is certainly a milestone in the development of trailer tents.

Future oriented technology
A quantum leap in the development of trailer tents. The Holtkamper Kyte “Wind®Force” now includes a revolutionary system, the trailer tent can now be erected and packed away, by air pressure. Within two minutes, the groundsheet and the tent are unfolded and located on the right spot. For generations of trailer tent owners, this long desired self erecting system, has now been implemented. This new “Wind®Force System” is certainly a milestone in the development of trailer tents and has been protected by international patents.

Planning to move frequently from campsite to campsite? With the “Wind®Force System” this is an (almost) effortless process. Only air pressure and vacuum, day-to-day physics, have been used to perform the job.

The Holtkamper Membrane Airco System, which supports insulation and ventilation, (located in the roof of the tent), will be erected and packed away together with the tent.

This new Holtkamper “Wind®Force System” is different from the system used in “Igloo” tents, where air tubes are used in combination with high air pressure. This system, originating from France, has been imported to the Netherlands, some 35 years ago by Holtkamper.

A “one person job”
Maybe you are a one parent family, or a person with physical limitations? With the “Wind®Force System” one person is able to perform the job easily. Families, with young children, can now spend time on the children, rather than erecting the tent. A Holtkamper Kyte with “Wind®Force System”, can be erected (or packed away) in only three minutes! Ideal for a quick weekend camping trip.

The rain remains outside
During the process of erecting or packing away the tent, no water is able to enter the tent and the remote control can be operated from inside the car. Thanks to the advanced engineering this can be achieved without the use of poles or guy ropes. Even pegs are not required for an overnight camping. Tent and groundsheet will be unfolded and located at the right spot, without a wrinkle. Packing away the tent, complete with groundsheet, is also done with the a push of a button. The “Wind®Force System”, is located outside the trailer's luggage area, so the luggage capacity is not affected. The Pack-N-Go System, makes it possible to access the luggage area, without erecting the tent. Packing and unpacking your luggage can now be performed in front of your house, on your drive way, or even on the street.

Tent will dry faster
By using the “Wind®Force System”, your tent will dry faster than ever, you are able to react quickly to variable weather conditions.

Holtkamper Trailer Tents for the future
By applying light materials, like carbon fibre poles, our lightweight trailer tents are only 750 kg maximum weight, very suitable for environment friendly cars in the (near) future. An investment in an Holtkamper is worthwhile.